PATENDED Professional Grade 250 mm/10 inch- Urethane -Contact Wheel – Smooth (Solid) Rubber-50 mm Wide

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250 mm (10 inch) Urethane Contact Wheel Smooth (Solid) 

50 mm Wide (for 2″ belts)

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Blue Urethane -250 mm (10inch) Rubber Contact Wheel Smooth (Solid) 50 mm Wide (for 2″ belts)

2 Surfaces Grinding capability???

This a patented design – It’s the first contact wheel in which you can use for flat surface grinding. For this you can use sanding sheets which you can cut into discs and adhere to the flat surface.

  • The main diffraction between this contact wheel and other rubber contact wheels is the aluminum core. While 99% of contact wheels aluminum core are made from scrap aluminum melted and casted and then machined, this wheel core is made from a solid aluminum block grade 6061 (airplane grade aluminum) . This block is then machined on a CNC lathe to perfection. This ensures perfect balance.
  • Contact wheels made from cast aluminum will always have drilled holes on the side of the wheel made to minimize vibration (never eliminates it).
  • There is no need for these balance holes in these wheels because of the high grade of the aluminum used and the high accuracy of the CNC machining.
  • 5,5 KG of high grade aluminum block is used to make this wheel and this explains its high price. It simply cost much more to make.


      • Dynamically Balanced naturally by CNC machining and high the quality material used
      • Ready to mount in no time
      • No Need for a special adaptor
      • heavy Duty bearings installed – 4 x 12 mm bearing mounted back to back (Engineeringly correct)

This is a top quality product.



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