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Find the best solution for your belt grinder. Our belt grinders are the best in class. All supportive wheels that are produced by Lasana give you huge support and more effective work.

Belt grinder wheels sets are precisely made for belt grinders for knife-making machines. Sets of wheels include idler wheel, tracking wheel, and 2 drive wheels as well. These wheels will keep your machine on the move. Find the best solution for your belt grinder. Questions? Do not hesitate to contact us – we advise you the best solution that meets your requirements.

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2×72″ belt grinders are solid and precisely made machines. We attach great importance to the quality of its elements. You can choose the size of some drive wheels to meet your requirements. Our belt grinders are 2″x72″ size, but some of them are able to work with longer belts. Belt grinders for knife making have extremely solid construction. Tracking Wheel is attached to an arm that can be continuously regulated, which allows the user to meet wide range of his/her demands. 

Featured Items