(35-30-8) Nylon Roller – 35mm Diameter – 30mm Wide – 8mm Bearing / 40 kg Load Capacity (A set of 4 Rollers)

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Key Characteristics:

  1. Premium Nylon PA6-G: CNC Machined from durable and wear-resistant nylon material, our rollers ensure longevity and reliability, even in challenging environments.
  2. Precision Bearings: Equipped with precision bearings, these rollers offer low-friction rotation, promoting smooth and quiet operation. The bearings enhance load-bearing capacity, allowing for optimal performance under heavy loads.
  3. Corrosion Resistance: Nylon is inherently resistant to corrosion, making these rollers ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. They withstand exposure to moisture, chemicals, and harsh environmental conditions, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
  4. Versatile Applications: Whether you’re in manufacturing, material handling, or conveyor systems, our nylon rollers with bearings are versatile enough to meet a wide array of application needs. From conveyor belts to industrial machinery, these rollers excel in promoting seamless motion.
  5. Easy Installation: Designed for hassle-free installation, these rollers are compatible with standard mounting configurations. Save time and effort during setup, and experience the benefits of enhanced equipment performance.


  1. Conveyor Systems: Achieve smooth and efficient material transport in conveyor systems, enhancing productivity in manufacturing and distribution facilities.
  2. Industrial Machinery: Upgrade the performance of your industrial machinery by integrating nylon rollers with bearings, reducing friction and wear for optimal efficiency.
  3. Material Handling Equipment: Improve the maneuverability of material handling equipment, such as carts and dollies, ensuring easy and precise movement.
  4. Automated Systems: Enhance the reliability of automated systems, where precise and reliable motion is crucial for seamless operations.

Invest in the durability and performance of our nylon rollers with bearings to elevate the efficiency of your equipment. Trust in quality craftsmanship for a smoother, quieter, and more reliable operation in your industry.

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